Early applications of security cameras primarily focused on loss prevention. Within the last five years, as the cost of deploying cameras dramatically decreased, operations management within many industries began to use the technology to improve productivity and document compliance to operating procedures.

Operators of senior care communities are just now beginning to exploit these tools to help reduce risk, improve care and promote operational efficiencies by raising awareness of what transpires within their community.

SeniorView is a licensed security contractor and an integrator of video security and monitoring systems aimed caringly at senior care applications. The company’s clients comprise both senior care communities and families of stay-at-home seniors. SeniorView provides traditional CCTV & video security systems while leveraging the technology with non-traditional applications.

Unlike other security companies, SeniorView understands the unique issues and challenges facing operators and care-givers. This specialization allows SeniorView to partner with its clients to adapt surveillance tools and methods to meet client objectives.

Since senior care is SeniorView’s primary focus, the company stays abreast of new technologies and applications aimed at improving quality-of-care and care giver productivity.

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